We Went to Dunkirk

Before moving to Europe, I understood very little about the various wars that had taken place across the continent. Even the information that I knew was from an American perspective. Now that we live here, we experience history all the time. Whether Jewish memorials that you can find on the street representing Jews who lived... Continue Reading →

Eli Playing Soccer

Eli has been on a soccer team since September of last year. Not only has it been cool to see his growth and development in the game of soccer, but it has been interesting to learn the German soccer system. These people are crazy and intense about their soccer. Practices are 1.5 hours long and... Continue Reading →

Eating Intestines

It's hard for me to even write that title line for 1 major reason... Every time that I think about, hear about, or write about "intestines," I re-live the taste, the smell, and texture of it and then nearly barf. My stomach churns and twists as if it is saying, "If you ever do that... Continue Reading →

Circumcision Party

It's not everyday that you get to go to a circumcision party, especially when the boys are aged 6 and 9. (Did you just wince in pain at the thought?) Unfortunately, every boy in Turkey gets snipped in that range of time. Typically, they are the "King for the Day," and they better be since... Continue Reading →

Water Balloon Fight

The weather here is pretty mild. Our winters are cold, but not extreme. There is always rain, but hardly ever snow. On the flip, the summers are really nice with only a few weeks of hot weather, upper 80s to 90s. For the most part, its sunny and enjoyable. After a longer winter, we had... Continue Reading →

The Home Study Week

Unless you have followed the little bit that we have posted on Facebook about the adoption process, you probably feel in the dark. Frankly, we have been figuring all of this out as we go, but now we have some more information. Outside of the funds needed for the adoption, the most crucial element is... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Fun

In the short ten months that we have lived here, we have been able to meet a bunch of people. The other night, we had the pleasure of having a few of them over for some fun. Sarah provided the food. We chatted. We laughed. Then we played some games... It was a memorable night... Continue Reading →

Spiderman is on Fire

It is time for the Eli show... This little man loves to dance, but he doesn't have the rhythm. If he follows in his daddy's footsteps, the only rhythm that he will have is on the athletic field. We have tried to help him with his rhythm... As his Father, I objected to a recent... Continue Reading →

Funny Talk with Emmie

We never really know what is going to come out of Emmie's mouth. She began speaking early and she has not slowed up. She picks up the language from all sorts of people. She learned "as well" from her British daycare worker..."I want a cookie as well." She learns German from her neighbor friends and... Continue Reading →

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